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- We have used TIME SLOT technology i.e. One Time Slot is equal to 30 Minutes & Doctor inform us to set the number of patient can be booked for each TIME SLOT.

- Everyone are not technology Friendly, so we will be happy to Book for some Specific Time sanctioned by Doctor and we will never interfere in Normal Booking process of Doctor.

- Patient can book before 7 Days in Advance by visiting our Website www.dimicha.com.

- After Finding their doctor in our website, they will pay Our Service Fees & a Security Fees for Booking using their Debit/Credit Card/Net banking.

- Security Fees is one type of Advance Fees and it helps us to restrict Fake Booking.

- Security Fees is fully refundable once Patient Comes to Doctor Place or Cancelled the Booking before booking date or Doctor cancel the Appointment Time but if patient didnít come, we will pay that security fees to Doctor.

- A Patient can Book an Appointment before 4am of Appointment Date.

- After 4 am , Doctor wise Booking List will be dispatched to the Doctorís Clinic and If patient didnít come, next day we will pay the Security Fees to Doctor.

- Patient can cancel an Appointment before Appointment Date and Security Fees will be refunded by the mode of payment.

- Appointment can be made using Smart phone or Computer. No Phone Booking and No Booking without Security Fees & Requested all patient to reach the Clinic Before 30 minutes & keep extra 1 to 2 hour more on hand of Appointment Time as Doctor Profession is an Emergency Job.


Dimicha.com is an Online Platform Developed for Patient to Book an Appointment with Doctor and Ultra Sound Center in Major Cities. It has been developed taking many things into account and it is only company, receive partial appointment fees in advance for Successful Appointment to Avoid Bogus/False Booking. Its is First of its kind in India.

There are Several big company in India providing same service, but we are unique because our focus area not in Big Cities but on the District Head Quarter or a City with Population more than One Lakh. There are more than 500 Cities in India in our Category, where we want to reach but our first step to Balasore, Odisha.

We don't do Medicine Trading Like Other Company Do. We are just a facilitator for Patient to Doctor.


PH. - +91-9853-088-022  ||  EMAIL ID - INFO@DIMICHA.COM







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