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1. How one can Book an Appointment?

Ans - Anyone can book an Appointment with all our Registered Doctor by Visiting Our Website www.dimicha.com through a Mobile or Computer with Internet Connection.

2. How does it work?

Ans- We have used time-slot technology and created one time slot is equal to 30 minutes. We are requesting doctor to give us ‘strength of patient can be consulted within 30 minutes i.e. For Example 5 Patients for 30 minutes’, ‘preferred time slot i.e. For Example 9:00 am to 9:30am, 9:30am to 10:00am’ and also we are requesting minimum 20 tickets per day for online book i.e. Four time slot with 5 patient each. We add all these details in our website and patient can get an Appointment by following some steps.

3. How I get to know the number of Appointment booked by Online?

Ans- We will send our list of Appointment before 5 am of Appointment date to the person in-charge of clinic by any of the easier and faster way.

4. What happened if you failed to take any appointment through online?

Ans - It is a new technology, so it will take some time to fill our sanction strength but we will do our best to promote and bring awareness, encourage people to use our service. Also we have a solution for your concern and only for this concern we are sending our ‘Booking Report’ before 5 am of appointment date, so that any Balance ticket can be booked through normal process.

5. Who will collect the Doctor Consolation Fees?

Ans - We don’t collect Consolation fees from Patient. Patient will pay their fees as they are paying now. We have no direct Financial Transaction with Doctor/Clinic.

6. What happened, if Confirmed patient didn’t come?

Ans - Yes, we have a solution for that too. Actually we are taking a Security Fees of Rs: 100.00 from a Patient with our Service Charges Rs: 20.00 i.e. Rs: 120.00 at the time of appointment. The Security fees is fully refundable only if Patient Cancelled the Appointment before Visiting Date or patient came to meet the Doctor or Doctor cancelled the meeting time due to emergency but if he/she didn’t come, that security fees Rs: 100.00 will be given to doctor.

7. How much you are charging for your service and why?

Ans - We are charging Rs:20.00 for our service and if we calculate, patient are paying more, when they are coming to clinic at mid-night and standing in-front of clinic gate for 2-3 hr to get an Appointment. We are spending money for Bank Transaction, SMSes, Service Tax, Promotion and Software & Office Maintenances.

8. How an Online Register patient consult with doctor?

Ans - We have given a unique registration ID for every booking and Patient just need to confirm his/her name, id proof to the person in-charge in the clinic as we are sending the Booking list in advance which has all the information. Also we are sending an SMS to patient Mobile Phone regarding his/her appointment.



Dimicha.com is an Online Platform Developed for Patient to Book an Appointment with Doctor and Ultra Sound Center in Major Cities. It has been developed taking many things into account and it is only company, receive partial appointment fees in advance for Successful Appointment to Avoid Bogus/False Booking. Its is First of its kind in India.

There are Several big company in India providing same service, but we are unique because our focus area not in Big Cities but on the District Head Quarter or a City with Population more than One Lakh. There are more than 500 Cities in India in our Category, where we want to reach but our first step to Balasore, Odisha.

We don't do Medicine Trading Like Other Company Do. We are just a facilitator for Patient to Doctor.


PH. - +91-9853-088-022  ||  EMAIL ID - INFO@DIMICHA.COM







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